Leadership Consultancy

We are available to consult with any leadership problems you may be experiencing within your business or organisation. Perhaps you simply just want to improve things by utilising the team already in place. With a fresh perspective and a military way of thinking you would be amazed how quickly we could make a difference.

Examples of previous consultancy:

- Observing within the workplace to identify problems

- Devising and implementing solutions to help fix these problems and increase efficiency

- Personal one on one individual leadership development 

- Team building and development (for new and non functioning teams)

- Performance Management strategies and advice

- Costs on Application

Recruitment Consultancy

Getting the best employee for the job is crucial nowadays, especially in a society where LEAN Management is becoming ever more prevalent.  We can help your company or business devise a more robust 1 day (or longer) recruitment process looking at more than just the classic interview, concentrating on a more rounded 360 degree approach.

Leon has personally devised, executed and coordinated various 6 month recruitment campaigns for the Royal Air Force and has the credibility, knowledge and most importantly experience to help you get it right first time.

As a qualified Royal Air Force Interviewer having conducted over 200 interviews, he is also available to sit on interview panels if required.

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Trauma Incident Management Consultancy

As a qualified Trauma Incident Manager, Leon has been involved in some of the most traumatic situations imaginable whilst serving in Afghanistan, and knows through first hand experience that Trauma Incident Management is vital.

If any of your employees work in an environment where they could find themselves in a Traumatic Situation then act now.  By education and developing various members of your workforce you could establish a Trauma Incident Management Team. By giving these members the basic tools and knowledge needed to intervene early, this could help save your business or organisation substantially by lowering the possibility of stress related sickness. 

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