Welcome to Animo Et Fide Ltd, professional stress management and awareness training with a unique and friendly approach...

After serving over 15 years in the Royal Air Force as an Officer and Chinook Helicopter pilot, it was my vision to deliver military style stress management and awareness training to companies and businesses world wide.

Having deployed on 5 multi national tours of duty in Afghanistan, receiving a Mention in Despatches in 2011, whilst flying in command of the Chinook Medical Evacuation Helicopter I know only too well the first hand realities of high end pressure and stress.

"Throughout the whole period, Fisher displayed exemplary flying skills and captaincy in very demanding circumstances. His operational leadership, was of the highest order and inspirational in effecting the highest performance of his crew. His leadership, calmness under pressure and judgement are all worthy of national recognition"

Force Commander Afghanistan, Joint Helicopter Command, Apr 2011

Animo Et Fide Ltd offers a wide range of services that will not disappoint. Using real life experiences as the basis of our training, we adapt all teaching with modern day business examples ensuring maximum development throughout.

Why Animo Et Fide Ltd?

We have the credibility and experience to back up everything we say. The examples we use throughout will captivate the audience making us truly stand out from the rest of the market. Participants will also enjoy our sessions, which is important as it sets a much more condusive environment for learning.

And most importantly for you, we will save your business or company money!  By investing a little now in adequate training, you can help prevent long term sickness and absence through stress in the future.  With 30.4 million days lost with self-reported work-related illness or injury in 2015/16, 11.7 million of those (over 1/3) where as a result of stress, depression or anxiety, so it is vital that you act now.

What is the next step?

Get in touch and book us in to deliver our "Stress Awareness Presentation". This is delivered by the Company CEO and is based on his experiences as a helicopter pilot serving in Afghanistan and lasts approximately 90 minutes. The presentation looks at his own journey which resulted in the diagnosis of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and covers the following areas:

- What is Stress

- Ways to recognise Stress

- Ways to help deal with Stress

- Saving your business and company money through effective Stress Management 

What option best suits my business and how much will it cost?

We can deliver the presentation to any size of group, however the following two options seem to be most popular:

Package 1

- up to a maximum of 10 people

- 60 min presentation plus 30 min bespoke group interaction afterwards 

- ideally suited for small teams, or people of similar experience 

- £1500 + VAT

Package 2

- up to a maximum of 25 people

- 60 min presentation 

- ideally suited for staff training days

- £3000 + VAT

Can I progress further?

If you like what you see and the feedback from our presentation is positive, we can then discuss the next step, which is "Welfare Interview Training" suitable for all levels of experience.

We are extremely friendly and relaxed in our approach, and pride ourselves on our customer's having fun and enjoyment, whilst at the same time learning and developing. We also believe that flexibility is the key and are happy to accommodate on any aspect, so please get in touch with any queries or questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Company CEO doing his pre Afghanistan training, Feb 2012, and pictures of him flying in Afghanistan